How Industrial IOT finds a home in RPA technology?

Robotic process automation(1.0) is the next engineering marvel. RPA the combination of mechatronics/IIoT/IoE/IoT/Electronics and electrical will go along with Artificially intelligence. Why RPA when we already have all the technologies individually. In the recent times, Data science which is AI/ML has picked up and developed many algorithms for deep leaning and machine learning (self-learning machines). GPU’s and TPU’s with multicore’s processors along with integrated processors have been developed by giant companies, are used for processing the events that occur for the mechanical system through sensors or other sensitive devices will be understood, processed and required action will be taken by the agents accordingly. The technologies involved in RPA are various networking protocols, event processing mechanism, Restful ness, Embedded C, BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave, LoPAN, LoRA etc. Students need to equipped with Embedded C,C++, Java, Socket programming and JSON. Industry term this as industry4.0. RPA is going to be the next big in Companies as well as educational institutions.

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