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AppsTek Innovative Labs faculty is a cluster of full-time lectures, experienced professionals, thought leaders and academics from different universities. AppsTek’s global presence and proactive approach in identifying business problems across industries helps enterprises keep pace with the dynamic world of Data Science.

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Programs Total Cost Total Duration
AI&ML 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours
Big Data 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours
Industrial Iot 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours
Cloud 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours
Advanced Python 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours
Devops 1500$ 21 days – 120 hrs Or 9 weeks – 120 hours

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I am currently pursuing Advanced Data Science course at AppsTek Innovative
Labs. Being an omni-disciplinary field, data science focuses on the study of
scientific methods that extracts information from data and building models to
solve complex problems. A key differentiator is the teaching methodology
involving real-time examples, one-on-one discussions on programming and logic
along with innovative research problems. The e-books, well-structured PPTs and
course videos are of high quality. Hands-on experience with 24×7 online Lab
helps me become a Data Science Expert.

Manoj Kumar Mallampalli

Software Engineer

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Established in 1960 as one of the first Indian Institute of
Technology, the institute was created with the assistance
of a consortium of nine US research universities as part of
the Kanpur Indo-American Program

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