New technologies for vehicles that doesn’t pollute

What is the future of the vehicles using fossil fuels? Is it still good to buy fossil fuel-based vehicles? What are the latest trends that are adopted in vehicles? Present vehicles emit Nitrogen and Sulphur oxides, Hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide. Exceeding certain PPM levels these gases cause pollution and health issues. Many countries have regulated their norms on the emission of air pollutants from motor vehicles. With the norms becoming stringent, countries are shifting the technologies from present fossil fuel-based vehicles to hybrid and to electrical vehicles. Presently, all companies used Lithium-ion batteries with the combination of super-capacitors. As Lithium is not abundant in nature, there is a need for new type of batteries. MIT is working on Sodium-Ion Batteries which are still in the research phase. The fuel-cells uses hydrogen to run the vehicles. Storage of hydrogen is also not safe, so need to generate the hydrogen as and when required. Presently water is broken into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis method. Even by passivating the sodium, hydrogen can be generated with water. Battery or fuel-cell vehicles are future and will help our earth to be saved from the pollutions. So, just wait for few more years to get the best technology vehicles.

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