Recruiting During COVID-19: What Has Changed?

Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) which is specifically based on genetic structure causing respiratory illness with other symptoms that spread through surface/air contact. Due to Covid-19 the market movements echo the uncertainty that affects and continues not just in US but all over the world. Also due to corona pandemic, all the Private and Public employees are sharing the pain and considering crowdsourcing ideas from employees on what companies should do in this crisis, so this does not lead to layoffs. Covid-19 outbreak has ruined the hopes, of landing a plush job of thousands of graduating students this year. My suggestion for students is not to worry too much about jobs as many companies are planning for e-recruitment/online recruitment. Also, fresh graduates have better opportunities than mid-level employees. Please concentrate on your academics and try to improve your skills to make yourself job ready. India is going to be superpower in the coming years so be ready to be a part of the economy growth.

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