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Advance into the fields of Data Science, DevOps , Big Data
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What lies beyond the concepts of Analytics?
AI, Bigdata, Cloud, IIoT, DevOps and Advanced Python
Introducing Advanced Analytics 2.0 -
The First Case study based training courses

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AppsTek offers a truly unique approach in training in their early
career technology talent to make students job-ready and guide
them with hands-on experience to excel in their career.
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Build your skills and advance your career in Analytics 2.0 programs
like Cloud Computing, Deep AI, etc.
Continuous Learning
in Digital Era

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Learn and Improve skills across business, tech,
design and more. Intangible assets shared by experts
to help your workforce do whatever comes next
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Professional certification courses for career growth by exploring
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Teaching 2.0

Get trained under professionals who have designed high-quality enterprise applications for fortune 500 companies 

Virtual Lab Assistance

Start Practicing and Learning Analytics 2.0 technologies from anywhere in the world   

Placement Support

Personal guidance from industry leaders on attending interviews with a professional approach 

Outcomes-based Courses 

Our training programs are designed by industry and academic experts keeping graduates in mind. The courses are optimized to include learning into their lifestyle.  Learning the right technology using virtual labs for assignments and assessments will launch you to a higher level of success and achievement. Thus, our courses can prove to be a great platform for quickly advancing your career in the future.  

AppsTek Offerings

AppsTek Innovative Labs has carefully framed a syllabus covering all aspects creating an ‘Industry-Institute Interface’.  Real-time case studies where students apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios and promote higher levels of cognition.

Research-based teaching methodology will lead to the development of many new algorithms which can further be adopted in business operations.

Learning made simple with our videos

Continuous learning shapes a vibrant development environment and allows students to chase their dream with confidence

Message From Managing Director

Organizations face the challenge of scarce skilled resources from colleges and universities due to misalignment of college/university curriculum with the current workforce requirements. The expectations of young talent are not aligned to market needs due to a lack of guidance and knowledge about market requirements. Currently, there is a substantial gap between the demand for entry-level IT professionals and fresh qualified talent available.

Venkata K Gutta
Chairman and Managing Director

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