Teaching Methodology

AppsTek is interested to develop the ability to extract the value out of data from the students. The teaching methodology that AppsTek follows

  • Focus on conceptual understanding
  • Integrate real-time data with context and purpose
  • Foster active learning
  • Use technology to explore concepts and analyse data
  • Use assessment to improve and evaluate student leaning
  • Suggest the student about the progress and area of improvements
  • Motivate the students in research and paper publications
  • Encourage the student for participating in group discussion and mock interviews
  • Access to eBooks, study materials, audio/video tutorials, ppts, whitepapers, webinars

Key Differentiators

AppsTek is envisioning to deliver the industry-oriented technical course to the student. The unique propositions of our program are

  • Case study-based teaching
  • Involvement in research and innovation
  • Industry-Institute Interface
  • Core understanding of programming language
  • In-depth knowledge in Hardware, system setup, OS concepts etc
  • Business models used in different technology courses

 Introductory Course


AppsTek Innovative Labs