If you don’t challenge the students, not much will happen

AppsTek will imbibe the following teaching methodology


For a successful career in the computer science, student must understand the methodology behind any research and be aware of the correct protocols

  • Develop critical thinking in students
  • Nurture Domain specific problem-solving strategies
  • Develop procedural approach which are expressed in the form of discrete rules


Asking students to explain how things work can be an effective learning intervention because it makes them aware of what they don’t know and curious about what they need to know

  • Trainer’s expertise in demonstrating the application of certain practices, procedures, and processes.
  • Our trainers will explain human interaction through three primary dimensions: inclusion, control and affection
  • Our Faculty stimulate desire and energy in percipient’s to be continually interested and committed to a subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.


In reality, scientific work will engage in many different activities in many different sequences to get the right output. Scientific investigations often involve repeating the same steps many times to account for new information and ideas

  • Creating the world class students, who can understand complete technology behind
  • Practicing the programs and working on real-time projects
  • Researching on new open-source tools and libraries

Research Projects In Progress

  • Designing High Security Voting System for fraudulent detection using Fog Computing
  • CGI based Syslog Management System for VM
  • Helmet detection and notification method using CNN and IoT
  • Currently working on Open Source projects on DASH library for analytics using MAPS

 Introductory Course


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